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Isolate fieldsMLST
idisolatealiasescountryyearmonthisolation datereceived datediseasesourceepidemiologyspeciespenneraspAglnAgltAglyApgmtktuncASTclonal complex
79306 CS-C-R-315France2013112013-11-18environmental watersenvironmental isolateCampylobacter coli13018986259287244769758
79307 CS-C-R-320France201452014-05-13environmental watersenvironmental isolateCampylobacter coli7218869113143128679759
79308 CS-J-B-064France201752017-05-22cattle faecescarrierCampylobacter jejuni1242455839760ST-42 complex
79309 2046ChinaCampylobacter jejuni8172223126

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