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Isolate fieldsMLST
idisolatealiasescountryyearmonthisolation datereceived datediseasesourceepidemiologyspeciespenneraspAglnAgltAglyApgmtktuncASTclonal complex
5858 OXC1F73024; Hn_1UK2003gastroenteritishuman stoolsporadic caseCampylobacter jejuni211321521ST-21 complex
77952 OXC39Hn_39; WTCHG_556540_225188; H69925UK2003gastroenteritishuman stoolsporadic caseCampylobacter jejuni2121321553ST-21 complex
77961 OXC129WTCHG_556540_230128; Hn_129; F78081UK2003gastroenteritishuman stoolsporadic caseCampylobacter jejuni215321519ST-21 complex
77994 OXC4WTCHG_556540_246171; Hn_4; F72956UK2003gastroenteritishuman stoolsporadic caseCampylobacter jejuni2113715104ST-21 complex
78014 OXC30WTCHG_556540_256196; Hn_30; F73857UK2003gastroenteritishuman stoolsporadic caseCampylobacter jejuni2112321550ST-21 complex
78057 OXC123Hn_123; WTCHG_556540_278134; H73561UK2003gastroenteritishuman stoolsporadic caseCampylobacter jejuni2113213262ST-21 complex

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