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Isolate fields MLST
idisolatealiasescountryyearmonthisolation datereceived datediseasesourceepidemiologyspeciespenneraspAglnAgltAglyApgmtktuncASTclonal complex
1850 D2253SRR1993456USAgastroenteritishuman stoolsporadic caseCampylobacter jejuni46452215122ST-206 complex
59411 OXC10677RL16004500UK [England]2016102016-11-07gastroenteritishuman stoolsporadic caseCampylobacter jejuni6452215122ST-206 complex
84671 TESTWGCAMPY0002148USACampylobacter jejuni6452215122ST-206 complex
85893 PNUSAC000856USACampylobacter jejuni6452215122ST-206 complex
86389 PNUSAC003079USACampylobacter jejuni6452215122ST-206 complex
87137 PNUSAC000399USACampylobacter jejuni6452215122ST-206 complex
89214 PNUSAC007750USACampylobacter jejuni6452215122ST-206 complex
97211 CVM N16C555USACampylobacter jejuni6452215122ST-206 complex
106398 RM3417CanadaCampylobacter jejuni6452215122ST-206 complex

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