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Isolate fieldsMLST
1 DSM 5552NRS 254ItalyBacillus subtilisinaquosorum669976812
2 ATCC 55406DA33USABacillus subtilisinaquosorum77101087913
3 BGSC 3A16UnknownBacillus subtilissubtilis318224201111
4 DSM 3257IAM 1259JapanBacillus subtilissubtilis41443129
5 BGSC 3A181431RussiaBacillus subtilissubtilis41202331210
6 BGSC 3A191440RussiaBacillus subtilissubtilis41202331210
7 DSM 5660NRRL B-362; NRS-624UnknownBacillus subtilissubtilis21521112
8 RS2168 prototrophUnknownBacillus subtilissubtilis11111111
9 RS1725168 met, lysUnknownBacillus subtilis11111111
10 SB1058UnknownBacillus subtilissubtilis11111111
11 WB746UnknownBacillus subtilis11111111
12 NCIB 3610BGSC 3A1TUSABacillus subtilissubtilis11111111
13 BGSC 1A747PY79USABacillus subtilissubtilis11111111
14 ATCC 6051DSM 10GermanyBacillus subtilissubtilis11111111
15 DSM 10ATCC 6051GermanyBacillus subtilissubtilis11111111
16 DSM 4424168UnknownBacillus subtilissubtilis11111111
17 BGSC 1A1168USABacillus subtilissubtilis11111111
18 BGSC 1A3KIT-1 QB944FranceBacillus subtilissubtilis11111111
19 BGSC 1A96JH642USABacillus subtilissubtilis11111111
20 BGSC 3A1ATCC 6051; NCIB3610GermanyBacillus subtilissubtilis11111111
21 BGSC 1A308W168UnknownBacillus subtilissubtilis111114135
22 PS533UnknownBacillus subtilis111114135
23 PS578UnknownBacillus subtilis111114135
24 PS832UnknownBacillus subtilis111114135
25 PS2307UnknownBacillus subtilis111114135

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