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Isolate fieldsMLST (9 locus)
idisolatealiasesBrucella specieshost speciescountryyeargaparoAglkdnaKgyrBtrpEcobQint_hypomp25ST
803 SHX-1623B. melitensisCaprineChina2016323212438296
804 HN-2B. melitensisCaprineChina20163232153288
805 SD-1508B. melitensisCaprineChina20153232153288
806 Bruxj69、Bruxj83B. melitensisCaprineChina20163232153288
836 CNM20110038B. melitensisHUMANSpain2011322821532862
867 2013-TE-14068-1-1B. melitensisBubalus bubalisItaly20133232152721091
868 CNM20140800B. abortusHUMANSpain20142112141115

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