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Isolate fieldsMLST (9 locus)
idisolatealiasesBrucella specieshost speciescountryyeargaparoAglkdnaKgyrBtrpEcobQint_hypomp25ST
835 CNM20100885B. melitensisHUMANSpain2010323215321011
838 CNM20120046B. melitensisHUMANSpain201235321522107
839 CNM20130557B. melitensisHUMANSpain2013323215321011
840 CNM20170614B. melitensisHUMANSpain20173232153288
849 CNM20180458B. melitensisHUMANSpain2018323215321011
851 CNM20030213B. melitensisHUMANSpain200335321522107
853 CNM20070783B. melitensisHUMANSpain20073232153288

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