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LocusDownloadTypeAllelesLength (setting)Min lengthMax length Full name/product Curator(s) Last updated
clpA DNA255Variable: (570 min; 582 max) 570582ATPase and specificity subunit of ClpA-ClpP ATP-dependent serine protease / clp protease subunit AG. Margos2018-09-06
clpX DNA210Variable: (621 min; 624 max) 621624ATPase and specificity subunit of ClpX-ClpP ATP-dependent serine protease / clp protease subunit XG. Margos2018-09-06
nifS DNA196Fixed: 564 bp 564564aminotransferaseG. Margos2018-09-06
pepX DNA225Fixed: 570 bp 570570X-prolyl dipeptidyl aminopeptidase / dipeptidyl aminopeptidaseG. Margos2018-09-06
pyrG DNA232Variable: (603 min; 606 max) 603606CTP synthaseG. Margos2018-09-06
recG DNA244Fixed: 651 bp 651651DNA recombinase / ATP-dependent DNA helicaseG. Margos2018-09-06
rplB DNA206Fixed: 624 bp 62462450S ribosomal protein L2 / 50S ribosomal protein L2G. Margos2018-09-06
uvrA DNA227Fixed: 570 bp 570579exonuclease ABC subunit A / Excision nuclease subunit AG. Margos2018-09-06

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