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Description of database fields

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field namecommentsdata typeallowed valuesrequired
idprimary keyint - yes
isolateisolate nametext - yes
countrycountry where sample isolated or detectedtext - no
regiontext - no
yearyear of isolationint - no
host_typetext human
non-human primate
non-primate and non-rodent mammal
host_speciestext - no
sourcetext axenic culture
xenic culture
faecal DNA
disease_symptomstext - no
successful_treatmenttext - no
treatment_failurestext - no
culture_availabletext yes
SSU_rDNA_accessiontext - no
commentsany other commentstext - no
sendersender unique name, link to usersint Click for list of sender ids yes
curatorcurator who entered data,link to usersint Click for list of curator ids yes
date_entereddate first entereddate - yes
datestampdate last modifieddate - yes