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Isolate fieldsMLST
idisolatealiasesvariety serovarcountryyearsourceglpgmkilvptapurpyctpiST
4565 SH-43China2018leaves356777372344292322734
4566 SH-98China2018leaves138811912101431
4613 SH-107China2018other3231221163843881611
4614 SH-8China2017leaves724291908841301723
4615 SH-26China2017leaves7242912948841301724
4621 SH-122China2018leaves249881191271859
4623 SH-84China2018leaves138911212102150
4626 SH-167China2020other6512931153192261
4630 SH-159China2019other9928141223672276
4633 SH-178China2020soil1483630411772289
4634 SH-147China2019other6538111853192304
4637 SH-128China2019leaves13882841282441

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