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Isolate fieldsMLST
idisolatealiasesvariety serovarcountryyearsourceglpgmkilvptapurpyctpiST
2643 RSF4China2019other3241546342473
2644 SSF6China2019other6442374410332474
2645 RSF9China2019other48216123374310852475
2646 RSF3China2019other2094415464632476
2647 SSF7China2019other19223911819322477
2648 SSF8China2019other19241519322478
2649 SSF10China2019other944362532322479
2650 RSF5China2019other20983955663532480
2651 RSF8China2019other644236116632481
2652 WSF21China2019other1191436123672482

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