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idisolatealiasesspeciesgenomovarcountrysourceyearatpDgltBgyrBrecAlepAphaCtrpBSTclonal complex
3588 R-77837Burkholderia cepaciaBelgiumnon-CF patient20202575502129248767
3589 R-77838Burkholderia cenocepaciaIIIABelgiumCF patient202015111811411614724131
3590 R-77841Burkholderia cepaciaBelgiumnon-CF patient20202575502129248767
3591 R-77842Burkholderia vietnamiensisBelgiumCF patient2020272312021113518717744
3592 R-77843Burkholderia cenocepaciaIIIBBelgiumCF patient20201616861569814186125
3593 R-77873Burkholderia multivoransBelgiumnon-CF patient2020960170141639671744
3594 R-77874Burkholderia cepaciaBelgiumhospital environment20204725852915851211649
3595 R-77875Burkholderia cepaciaBelgiumnon-CF patient20202575502129248767
3596 R-77878Burkholderia cepaciaBelgiumhospital environment20202575502129248767
3597 R-77898Burkholderia cenocepaciaIIIABelgiumCF patient202015111811411614724131

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