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Isolate fieldsMLST
idisolatealiasesspeciesgenomovarcountrysourceyearatpDgltBgyrBrecAlepAphaCtrpBSTclonal complex
3165 R-50675Other BCCSouth Africaenvironmental201354272510706066765076571654
3168 R-50687Other BCCSouth Africaenvironmental201354272510706066765076571654
3171 R-50690Other non-BCCSouth Africaenvironmental201354872710836106815146611659
3172 R-50692Other non-BCCSouth Africaenvironmental201354972810796116825156621660
3173 R-50695Other BCCSouth Africaenvironmental201355072010806046725166631661
3178 R-50735Other non-BCCSouth Africaenvironmental201355272910826156845196661665

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