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Isolate fieldsMLST
idisolatealiasesspeciesgenomovarcountrysourceyearatpDgltBgyrBrecAlepAphaCtrpBSTclonal complex
131 AU7143Burkholderia contaminansUSAnon-CF patient2004648076891059770102
3117 17-BUK_004Burkholderia cenocepaciaAustralianon-CF patient20171511230317116791624
3118 CR318Burkholderia cenocepaciaCanadaenvironmental201217655715936141625
3119 M96250Burkholderia cenocepaciaAustralianon-CF patient201953634710641366621662341626
3120 M96251Burkholderia cenocepaciaAustralianon-CF patient201916711106536566366481627
3121 SS17M5408Burkholderia cenocepaciaAustralianon-CF patient2017156410631411502121628
3122 SS17M5409Burkholderia cenocepaciaAustralianon-CF patient20175356410631411502121629
3123 SS17M6417Burkholderia cenocepaciaAustralianon-CF patient2017219710576006615016471630

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