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PubMed idYearCitationTitle Isolates in database
218116472011Chaloner GL, Ventosilla Palmira, Birtles RJ (2011) PLoS Negl Trop Dis 5: e1248 Multi-locus sequence analysis reveals profound genetic diversity among isolates of the human pathogen Bartonella bacilliformis.
268247402016Pons MJ, Silva-Caso W, Del Valle-Mendoza J, Ruiz J (2016) PLoS Negl Trop Dis 10: e0004391 Multi-Locus Sequence Typing of Bartonella bacilliformis DNA Performed Directly from Blood of Patients with Oroya's Fever During a Peruvian Outbreak.
271671252016Paul S, Minnick MF, Chattopadhyay S (2016) PLoS Negl Trop Dis 10: e0004712 Mutation-Driven Divergence and Convergence Indicate Adaptive Evolution of the Intracellular Human-Restricted Pathogen, Bartonella bacilliformis.
278737152015Silva-Caso W, Pons MJ, Ruiz J, Del Valle-Mendoza J (2015) J Glob Antimicrob Resist 3: 222-223 Antibiotic resistance in Bartonella bacilliformis clinical isolates from an endemic area of Peru.
276670262016Gomes C, Martínez-Puchol S, Ruiz-Roldán L, Pons MJ, Del Valle Mendoza J, Ruiz J (2016) Sci Rep 6: 33584 Development and characterisation of highly antibiotic resistant Bartonella bacilliformis mutants.
273892742016Guillen Y, Casadellà M, García-de-la-Guarda R, Espinoza-Culupú A, Paredes R, Ruiz J, Noguera-Julian M (2016) Genome Announc 4: pii: e00659-16 Whole-Genome Sequencing of Two Bartonella bacilliformis Strains.
234092552013Tarazona D, Padilla C, Cáceres O, Montenegro JD, Bailón H, Ventura G, Mendoza G, Anaya E, Guio H (2013) Genome Announc 1: pii: e00053-12 Whole Genome Sequencing and Comparative Analysis of Bartonella bacilliformis Strain INS, the Causative Agent of Carrion's Disease.