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Isolate fieldsMLST
idisolatealiasescountryyearwater strainsfood strainsspeciesserogroupDNA hybridization groupgyrBgroLgltAmetGppsArecAST
1 ATCC 7966UKmilk and dairy productsAeromonas hydrophilaHG11111111
2 NCIMB 1102UKAeromonas salmonicidaHG32222222
3 NCIMB 1109UKAeromonas salmonicida323202
4 NCIMB 2020JapanAeromonas salmonicida223202
5 NCIMB 882ArgentinaAeromonas caviae4343333
6 NCIMB 1134UKAeromonas hydrophila5454444
7 NCIMB 75GermanyAeromonas sobria6565555
8 DSM 4881UKotherAeromonas mediaHG57676666
9 DSM 11577SpainAeromonas encheleiaHG168787777
10 DSM 13956FranceAeromonas bestiarumHG29898888
11 DSM 17534GermanyAeromonas eucrenophilaHG6109109999
12 DSM 19604BelgiumotherAeromonas popoffiiHG1711101110101010
13 CECT 398USAAeromonas hydrophila12111211111111
14 CECT 838USAAeromonas caviaeHG413121312121212
15 CECT 4199SpainAeromonas allosaccharophilaHG1514131413131313
16 CECT 4228USAAeromonas jandaeiHG915141514141414
17 CECT 4240USAAeromonas schubertiiHG1216151615151515
18 CECT 4246UKAeromonas veroniiHG817161716016
19 CECT 4255IndiaAeromonas trota or A. enteropelogenesHG1418171817161716
20 CECT 4257USAAeromonas veroniiHG1019181918161817
21 CECT 4487IndiaAeromonas trota or A. enteropelogenes20192019171918
22 CECT 4245FranceAeromonas sobriaHG721202120182019
23 Ae 1Italy199922212221192120
24 Ae 2Italy199923222322202221
25 Ae 3Italy199924232423212322

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