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Schemes are collections of loci. They may be indexed, in which case they have a primary key field that identifies unique combinations of alleles. The following schemes are indexed.

NameDownloadProfilesDescriptionCurator(s)Last updated
MLST (Oxford)2,831Hilmar Wisplinghoff, Sylvain Brisse, Raffaele Zarrilli, Paul Higgins2023-01-09
MLST (Pasteur)2,235Raffaele Zarrilli, Virginie Passet, Sylvain Brisse, Paul Higgins, Pilar Villalon2023-01-24
cgMLST v12,263This scheme was developed by Julia Moreno-Manj├│n and Keith Jolley. It uses a slightly reduced set of loci compared to the scheme described in Higgins et al. PLoS ONE. 2017, 12: e0179228 and a different allelic nomenclature.Julia Moreno Manjon2023-01-28