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7 records returned. Click the hyperlinks for detailed information.

Isolate fieldsMLST (Oxford)MLST (Pasteur)
4035 Bab001_022Taiwan2012Acinetobacter nosocomialisblood2226261423161681304
4036 Bab004_014Taiwan2016Acinetobacter nosocomialisblood22261771419316471305
4037 Colr_43_TVGH1285Taiwan2015Acinetobacter seifertiiblood8386794688231661307
4038 MT35_MMHTaiwan2013Acinetobacter nosocomialisblood292654182721171306
4039 MT073Taiwan2015Acinetobacter nosocomialisblood832679472716471308
4041 A42China2016Acinetobacter baumanniisputum6452229441302
4042 AB18PR06518PR065China2018Acinetobacter baumanniistool/rectal swab5190491148254192933161131151303

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